About S20

S20 Engagement Group

Founded in 1999, the G20 is a group composed of the 19 largest economies in the world, in addition to the European Union and the African Union (admitted in 2023). Since 2008, when Heads of State and Government began directly engaging in discussions (previously only finance ministers and central bank presidents from these nations participated), the G20 agenda has expanded beyond the economic and financial sphere. In this regard, in 2017, the Science20 (S20) was created to act as the G20’s engagement group for the area of science and technology.

The Science20 is formed by the national Academies of sciences of G20 countries and promotes a dialogue between the scientific community and policymakers. Analogous to the G20, the S20 has a non-permanent rotating secretariat and operates as a forum (rather than an organization), with its summits held annually, usually preceding the respective G20 summit.

Throughout the annual cycle, S20 members address relevant topics and formulate documents with specific recommendations and actionable measures for the G20. These proposals form the basis of the S20 communiqué, which is formally presented to the G20 leaders for consideration.

Previous editions of the S20 were held in the following countries: Germany (2017), Argentina (2018), Japan (2019), Saudi Arabia (2020), Italy (2021), Indonesia (2022), and India (2023).