S20 Brasil 2024

About S20 Brasil

With Brazil in charge of the presidency of the G20 in 2024, the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC) faces the responsibility of organizing the 8th edition of the Science20 (S20), an engagement group for the field of science and technology comprised of the national academies of sciences of G20 countries.

In September 2015, our countries approved a global agenda, to be achieved by 2030, aiming to free our people from the tyranny of poverty and protect the planet. Bold and transformative measures were outlined, with our governments committing to embrace them to steer the world towards a sustainable and resilient path. These actions are integrated and indivisible and must balance the three dimensions of sustainable
development: the economic, social, and environmental. Also, this collective journey is anchored in the commitment that no one would be left behind. We are 7 years away from the established deadline and, with concern, we realize that we are far from the desired and agreed-upon 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The precept of the Brazilian government for the G20 is “Building a Just World and a Sus-tainable Planet”. The Brazilian Academy of Sciences, as organizer of the 2024 edition of the S20, defined “Science for Global Transformation” as its motto. Several themes could be discussed under this broad perspective, thus the ABC decided to approach “Science for Global Transformation” in five different task forces:

Artificial Intelligence:

ethics, social impact, regulation, and knowledge sharing



pushing the world toward a sustainable planet

Energy Transition Process:

renewable energies, social and economic considerations

Health Challenges:

quality, equity, and access

Justiça Social

Social Justice:

promoting inclusion, ending poverty, and reducing inequalities